Friday, March 16, 2012

Before and After: The Fireplace

Lots to write about our time in the UK, but it will wait until we get back to proper internet connections. However, here is a B/A on the fireplace we've had installed, starting with a not-very-good picture of the Before.

Just a blank wall with the outline of a fire box and a kind of hideous hearth - pink marble surrounded by ugly dark red and patterned tiles. The latter were fortunately reproductions, so we didn't mind getting rid of them.

Here is midway in the installation. The old hearth is gone, the wall is opened up. I wouldn't want to set a real fire in that sketchy firebox. The slab of pink marble from the old hearth is now on the deck awaiting transformation into some kind of garden furniture thingie.

Here is the finished fireplace. Now we need to decorate around it. It's natural limestone with a black granite hearth. There's an electric fire with something that looks like coal piled on it. You actually pile the 'coals' on individually and they are filthy like real coal. We probably won't use the fire except for the glow, but it's nice to have. I guess. We only got it because it was thrown in.


Andrew said...

Looks lovely and inviting.

I don't understand "we only got it because it was thrown in." ? I'd think a warm fireplace would be something you'd certainly want - thrown in the sale price?

Regardless, I think it looks lovely.

Kate said...

Really, really cool. I think it looks perfect.

The Bride said...

The electric fire: we don't need the heat, the flat is plenty warm, sandwiched between two others. And I don't really like electric fires.

If I'd had my druthers, I'd have put in a gas fire. But for complicated reasons, it would have been difficult.

Samantha said...

Looks fabulous! Bet it really grounds that room, with a lovely focal point.