Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We've arrived

We arrived on Monday, late morning. It was a completely uneventful flight, although for some reason I was more tired than usual when we arrived. I slept most of the way from Heathrow on the bus. Usually, I like to walk from the bus station because it wakes me up and I can see everything, but I was too tired to do anything but take the city bus from the station. We got to our flat, unlocked the front door into the common area and this is what we saw:
Yes, that is a sofa completely blocking the hall to our flat (our door is on the left at the back). We climbed over the sofa with our luggage and entered our flat. One of the new owners from upstairs woke us from our nap a little later to tell us that they bought it and it didn't fit and got stuck and that it was going to be taken out - in a week or so. Yes, that's right. We are still having to walk over the sofa when we enter or leave. OK, it's a fire hazard not to mention inconvenient for two people over 60 with groceries etc. but we don't want our first contact with our new neighbors to be unpleasant, so we are living up with it.

Update: After living with it a couple of days,and getting over jet lag crankiness, we think it's hilarious. And instead of thinking of it as a fire hazard, we are considering that it is a great deterence to burglars. Plus, it's really made us more flexible to have to go over it several times a day so it's like a free fitness plan.

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