Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Breaking My Heart?


The Cranky Old Geezer said...

May they shred in peace!

While I hate to see a book store die, or at least not adapt to the modern age, I have no sympathy for Borders' management.

We will have to see if any bricks and mortar bookstore can adapt & survive.

I don't buy anymore "paper" books, although I do borrow them from the library. Just for old time sake.

Saves money too, now I'm a (almost) OAP.

The Bride said...

And the most tragic thing of all is when I saw the 'everything 20% to 40% off', I thought 'big deal, I can get it for that from Amazon.'


The Cranky Old Geezer said...

I did notice my grammatical errors in the above comment, after I checked "publish".

But grammatical correctness is "out" these days anyway.

Vivi said...

I'm sad, too, although I take COG's point -- they deserve what's coming to them.

I don't think all paper-book stores will be gone forever, at least, I hope not. I love browsing in a bookstore. Maybe there could be a way to browse the bookstore, and then buy the electronic equivalent?

The Bride said...


With a Kindle, you can get a free sample of the book - usually a chapter or so - before buying. So you can browse electronically.

I'm not as worried about bookstores as I am about libraries. They must not disappear.