Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Doggie biscuits for Miss T

I've made some doggie biscuits for Miss T., who answers to Doggie T. much of the time. Most recently, her parents are introducing her to her 'big girl bed' because of little Rosebud who will arrive in April. She refers to her big girl bed as her 'kennel.'

I wanted the biscuits not to be fragile, so I found a recipe for gingerbread Christmas ornaments. I bought the bone-shaped cookie cutters at amazon.com.

Some are frosted. Some are not frosted. Some are frosted and sprinkled with red and green sugar. It was a big recipe and there must be 8 dozen of them - too many for a little doggie - so I'm depending on the COG and Son of COG to finish them all.


peaceable_tate said...

Totally cute! I'd sit and roll over for those!

Samantha said...

She adores these treats, and insists on "doing a trick," for before receiving one. The trick is mostly her rolling on to her back, then sitting up. In an uncharacteristic move today, she was briefly "Otter- T," whilst splashing in the bath. Until her dad suggested she roll over and try to float on her back. She deemed this idea to scary, and fimly told him to leave the bathroom.