Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blizzard Warnings! Tra-la-la

I'm feeling so cheerful because we have blizzard warnings. As a Minnesota girl, I always feel the winter here is a bit... wimpy. It has most of the dreariness and disadvantages of a'real' winter, but lacks the extra excitement of life-threatening blizzards.

But tonight, we are promised 60 mph winds, 20 inches of snow (up to 4 inches per hour) and coastal flooding between 11pm and 4am. All this, and the possibility of power outages. As long as my Kindle, computer and phone are charged (which they are) I'm happy. We have food, booze, and reading material. And candles. And blankets.

The COG, needless to say, is not as cheerful about the prospect of snow. He is worried about clearing the snow so he can get to work tomorrow and the possible effects of power outages on the sump pump and the pipes.

He's a realist. I'm a romantic.


Vivi said...

That whole "having to get to work" thing is such a downer to true enjoyment of a nice winter storm, isn't it?

Enjoy yourself, at least.

Andrew said...

How much snow did you get in the end? Did Alec make it to work? Worthy of a Minnesota winter?