Monday, July 5, 2010

Sugar Art

In Cordes, we visited La Musée de l'Art du sucre - a museum where everything was made from sugar. The end result was amazing, incredible, fantastic but not something you'd care to have in your home. Quite apart from the problems with keeping sugar art whole - humidity, dust and heat being great enemies- they were more amazing than aesthetically pleasing.

Sister Rose and I kept saying 'ohmigoodness' to each other, but never once did we say 'how lovely, I want it,' the way we might have if we had been looking at something like dishes or antiquities. Anyway, I think my favorite one is the simplest - the eggs in the 'cardboard' container - everything made from sugar. Though, the exact replica of a street scene in Cordes is appealing in a Gingerbread Fantasy kind of way.

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