Monday, July 5, 2010


In France, our hostess always had home made jam. In the past I've thought it was too much trouble, but I really enjoyed these. So this week I've been making jam. I've made 1) Apricot, 2) Peach, 3) Peach-Raspberry, 4) Plum-Sour Cherry, 5) Fruits Rouges (Raspberries, Sour Cherries, and Strawberries).
And the little leftover amounts that didn't fit into the jars, the COG and I have been enjoying on home made bread.

I find it amazing and amusing that an old feminist like myself is so happy these days pottering around the house, making bread and jam and dinner for the COG. Life is funny. Whatever your polemic of choice, it's important to remember, sometimes, to be humble about it.


peaceable_tate said...

The jams look amazing! I hope you'll share.

There are probably a lot of sensible old feminists choosing to make bread and jam these days. Competence is competence in all domains.

David Briggs said...

Don't forget that there is a VERY BIG difference between doing things because you want to, and doing things because you HAVE to do them. The feminists (and I count myself among that group) were not really protesting the traditional house-keeping chores such as making jams and jellys or breads, rather they were protesting the fact that an individual was not given any other option other than to make jams and breads etc just because she happened to be born female. If you want to make jams, jellies and breads does not make you any less of a feminist, it just gives you more options as to how you spend your time.