Monday, December 21, 2009

Shoes: Would you rather.....

OK future of civilization (plus an end to hunger and war) depends on your wearing one of these pairs of shoes.

Which one would you choose?


Anonymous said...

For one night or forever? Do people know I have saved the world by wearing the shoes? Or do they just walk around well fed and peaceful, thinking I look like a dork in bad shoes?

The Bride said...

Forever. And no one will know that you are the one responsible for ending hunger and war. They will just think you like weird shoes.

There has to be some sacrifice if you get world peace and no hunger out of the deal.

Vivi said...

I think it is going to have to be someone else's job to bring about world peace, 'cause I'm not choosing either.

Thus are anti-heroes made. If I'd been Frodo, I would have said, "Take this ring - where? Do you know how far that is? And the swamps and the fires, not to mention creepy-crawlies trying to kill me? I think Sam should do it."


Anonymous said...

" There has to be some sacrifice if you get world peace and no hunger out of the deal."

...and wearing either of these for the rest of my life is not sacrifice enough? All Jesus had to do was suffer for one day. I have to suffer with these ugly things for the rest of my long life.

I guess that I would choose the toe ones. Only because for world peace to come about we are all going to have to become very earth conscious, and everyone will have to be all zen and hippish... so I would have to take the chance that I would just blend, in the hippy/granola eater sort of style that is sure to be around.