Friday, December 11, 2009

Cushions for New Window Seats

I have finally finished the cushions for the new window seats. I always forget how hard it is to make boxed cusions. Not hard exactly, but how much I hate making them. I always remember mid-way through when it's too late to turn back. Then there was my broken finger - so they were started in September, but not finished until yesterday.

Still.... I think they turned out pretty well. What do you think?


Vivi said...

I like them very much. Stripes are not what I think of when I think of your decorating style. You *are* minimalizing.

Will there be curtains, too? Also striped?

Andrew said...

Looks totally lovely (just needs a warm cuppa and a good book to go with it.) Maybe some big cushions as well?

But where is this in the house? I can't place where this nook is - is this part of the re-done area of the living room, or something that's always been there and I can't remember?

The Bride said...

It's part of the redone area. It used to be one long window seat. We had the bookcases built to divide it into two. It's on the wall opposite the kitchen, overlooking the side yard.

There will be some natural fiber blinds in a light color and a valance in a mottled bluey-green with a few birds here and there. Only a few.

And, yes, some kind of cushions there, too.