Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Season Begins - our first share from Appleton Farm

Two lettuces, a bag of spinach and a bag of arugula, salad turnips (the little white radish shaped things), Easter Egg radishes, two bunches of broccoli rabe, a bunch of scallions and one of beets.
and, from the pick-your-own section, 3 quarts of strawberries and about the same of snap peas. They are laid out on paper towels to dry out before storing because it was raining slightly.


Vivi said...

Ooh Jealousy. We are getting about that much lettuce from our garden, however -- but not in nice tight heads, rather in etiolated stalks off which I snip the leaves. I think it's because it doesn't get quite enough sun, so it's reaching. Our radishes are another week from harvest, and the carrots two or so.

What do "salad turnips" taste like? I mean, are they just baby turnips? Do you cook them or crunch them raw.

I wonder... our farmer's market would charge about $30 - $40 to get the equivalent, from my experience. How does that compare in price (you don't have to be specific, especially since it's just an estimate)?

The Bride said...

We figured once that it costs us about $20 a week for this. And in the summer, when it really gets going, there will be even more - lots of flowers, herbs, peppers, tomatoes in the pick-your-own section, plus more veggies and less salad greens in the regular share.