Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's your Viking Name

Mine is Astrid the Voracious. What's yours?


Vivi said...

I am Thorkatla the Bloody (spelled [phonetically, because I don't know how to make the "th" rune on this barbarian device called a "computer).

Beware the day you see Thorkatla the Bloody's sails on the horizon.

The Bride said...

I fear you not Thorkatia. I will finish the leg of lamb I am currently eating and leave the village to search for more provender in a more peaceful place - Astrid the Voracious.

Samantha said...

Vivi and I are clearly related, as we share the same last name :)

I am:
Þuríðr the Bloody

(phonetically I think it is "Thorither" since Þ is a 'th' sound as in thorn so Þor would be Thor, AND ð is a 'th' as in this.)

Octavia is
Þorgerðr the Brave (Thorerthor?)

Can you imagine going through modern day life with "The Bloody" last name? It might help with the quality of customer service one get.

Samantha said...

I think the person who made this was perhaps an angry female... none of the men have very nice names

John: Þórðr the Foolhardy
Alec: Skeggi the Angry
James: Halldór , the One who will be killed before the opening credits start when Hollywood makes the movie version of this raid.
Andy: Þorkell Ironfist

Check out Sarahs... very funny.

Samantha said...

Oh Oscar is "Gunnar the Lousy".

Vivi said...

I went back to try "sarah" -- yes, so ironic. However, I played with variants of my name too: my Thorkatla was using my first and middle names -- my first only is even stronger: Bjork Deathbringer!

And my google name is: Brunhilde the Clumsy, so maybe I'll stick with my true name.

peaceable_tate said...

And I could choose to be another Bloody! Steinunn the Bloody! or, if I go with a nickname, I could be known as Halldóra Thunderfist.

Interestingly, my daughter is Gunnhilde the Ready-in-five-minutes! So true.

And my mother could be Guðrún Ironfist which also seems very appropriate.