Saturday, September 20, 2008

Startling Insight

This morning I was humming to myself the nursery tune, Three Blind Mice. I was humming it because of an Event with the Cat of COG, about which I will not be too specific.

Anyway, I suddenly realized that the song is about moles, not mice. A mole is a blind mouse with a rudimentary tail. Is this something everyone else has known since childhood? But I missed it until now?

Does everyone else also know why they were running after the Farmer's wife? 'Cause I've always wondered.

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Vivi said...

Moles, not mice, had never occurred to me, but it makes good sense.

I assume they were chasing the Farmer's Wife because, as usual, they were being pesky.

The cats of Cattus Dommus have begun their routine autumnal presentation of curiously crunchy dried leaves and flowerheads, in the absence of live offerings. Or should I say, still-barely-live offerings.