Monday, September 10, 2007

So many blogs, so little time

Suddenly everyone has a blog. Even the Cranky Old Geezer (hereafter referred to as COG) expects me to be up to date with what's happening on his blog and he is sitting not 5 feet from me as I write. Of course, he's typing not talking, unless you count swearing at your computer as talking. Which The Bride doesn't.

But it's nice to see what's happening in everyone else's life, with pictures attached. My life is pretty boring, but since blogging is mostly a one-sided conversation, I'll just keep talking to myself.

So here's what happened in my life today. I found a Black Walnut tree in Louise's yard. We've been wishing for a walnut tree, so we could try to make a walnut liqueur, like the one we (Sisters of The Bride, Brother-In-Law of the Bride, and the COG and The Bride, herself) had in the Cevennes, at the first gite we stayed in. So I'm going to try to make it with Black Walnuts. The hitch is that you need the walnuts to be in their green shells, and so you really need a tree.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Oh and I started this blog. I tried to insert a picture, but it didn't work. I"ll work on that later.

Oh and also I got into google, finally, so now I can blog and post to other peoples blogs. I was having a weird problem where I entered my name and then it switched to Portuguese. But I think I've figured it out now. Eu não penso que começará falar no português outra vez. Ao menos eu espero não.


Kate said...

Greetings, Bride of COG, and welcome to the blogosphere! A good start here--it's really a bizarre variation on the blank page thingie.

Glad you got the Portuguese thing figured out, and good luck with the walnut apertif! My neighbor has a huge black walnut tree...maybe next summer when the nuts are in season...usually they are just a nuisance, plonking down on our heads and growing where they should not.

Kate said... the way, Bride of COG...a most excellent name! I'm jealous. "The Bride"...priceless!

I don't know if I'll continue with FrenchKate or not, when I get back to MN, the name I mean. Of course, it is not the primary thing on my mind right now, coming up with a new moniker.

Bituminous42 said...

I've been wondering if FrenchKate would continue, as MinnesotaKate, as it were. Now you have an opportunity to change your name -- "The Sister of The Bride of..." (SoBoCOG)?

Since it seems rude to answer a first blog post with a comment for another commenter, I'll also address BoCOG: On Saturday we had dinner at a friend's house, under their walnut tree. I was conked twice with walnuts, and we all had bits dropped down on us by the squirrels. Can you post the liqueur recipe? Maybe I can makes some out here.