Friday, September 21, 2007

Bloggin' Blues

The Bride is discovering that one problem with blogging is that you've made a commitment and you need to keep it up. And as The Bride is sort of conscientious about commitments, she ends up feeling like she ought to be blogging.

So just to satisfy that conscience, at the risk of being incredibly boring, here's the latest.

The COG and I are leaving for a week in Oregon tomorrow. I was talking to a friend and I said that I didn't know why I was so excited and she pointed out that I rarely go anyplace with the COG. For the last few years, anyway, I go without him, and sometimes he joins me later. This time we are lock-step the whole way and that will be really nice. We've got some really fun activities planned, but more about that later.

I'll have my computer and I'm hoping I'll have time/ wi fi/ things to blog about.

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The Bride said...

I'd just like to point out here -- being self-referential in the extreme, that, being an old fashioned sort of girl, I used a hypen in this post. And another in this comment. So there, OED. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.