Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Debt of Gratitude to Georgette Heyer

I have discovered the one thing that helps me sleep on long plane journeys is Georgette Heyer.  I have tried many many other things, including music and ambient sound, ear plugs and eye masks, not to mention wine and vodka.  However, nothing really helps.  I remain too aware of being on a plane, listening to music/ waves crashing or rain in the woods etc. to sleep. 

However, it turns out that plugging my earphones into a Georgette Heyer audiobook- doesn't matter which one - puts me right to sleep.  It's not that they bore me - never never never think that.  I think it's a brain thing, that listening to words activates or distracts my brain in such a way that I can sleep.  And Georgette Heyer's words, in particular,  are so worn into my brain that I can travel smoothly down those tracks into deep sleep. When I wake for a moment and hear her words in my ears, I am reassured that all is right with the world and I move back into sleep. 

Thank-you once again, Georgette Heyer.  Her books have been my companions since I first discovered them in a store in Canada on a band trip at the age of 15.  I bought The Grand Sophy and Regency Buck the first day.  The second day I went back and bought The Corinthian and Friday's Child and Venetia.   I have never been far from one of herbooks ever since.  They are comfort food for my soul. 

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Kate said...

I forgot to comment when you first posted this so I'll do it now, tardy though it is. Yes, Georgette Heyer....a friend for many, many years, one whose sparkle never dims and whose chatter never bores.