Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I've been preoccupied with painting the kitchen cupboards. Last time I did the lower cupboards, so this time I'm completing the upper cupboards.  Everything is a mess at the moment.

Some of the cupboard sides and trim is also being painted in situ, so it's not in this picture. And there are cupboard doors you can't see in these pictures.  But you can begin to see what a mess we are in.

The slight disappointment we had is that the carpenter who is going to reinstall the soffit above the cupboards and put up the window blind and various other things is booked until May. So we will have to wait until June to finish the kitchen completely.  Well, for now.   But, if this is the worst disappointment this week, it will be a good week. 

All of the woodwork in the flat needs repainting. I'm thinking that I am going to start by doing the hall in sections.  I'll prep and tape and paint one length or one doorway at a time, so it's not such a mess and still leaves time to do other things.

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