Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Finished Closet

The closet is finished, apart from some tweaks that will take place over time. I just want to show you some photos.

Straight ahead as you enter - the window seat with boxed cushion.

To the Left, the COG's 'half,' which I realize is already a bit different.

To the Right, my 'half,'

This is the other side. You can see the mirror peeping out there in the middle. It's on wheels and fits into a narrow slot there. Also note the upper right, by the light fixture, there's a hollow where my suitcases fit perfectly.

One detail: The tin was the COG's mother's and the shoes are alligator, which she paid five guineas for in the 1930s. In those days 5 guineas was worth around $400 (according to the internet). I don't think she ever wore them. 

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Vivi said...

Glad to know Nanny loved shoes, too - I presume that is why she bought the shoes. Why did she never wear them (too good to wear?) -- is there a lesson here?

Charming detail in an exquisite closet.