Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Tomorrow

I'm sitting in that blue chair enjoying the late afternoon sunshine and listening to the seagulls.  Gosh, I love the sound of seagulls. I know they are basically flying rats, but I still love them. I love looking up into a clear blue sky and seeing them gliding over me. And I love the sound of them, which we don't hear in Ipswich,  even though we are so near the sea there, too.

After the rainiest June on record, the weather has turned wonderful just as I am leaving. It's lovely at home, too, the COG tells me, and I've missed the heat wave. So I can't complain really.  And the work we had done on the back room would have kept us in even if the weather here had been great.

The COG is going to phone me at 10:30 his time, which is 3:30 am here - he's my wake-up call. Then, the last few things - grab the garbage bag, turn the water heater off,  make sure everything is turned off and out the door to catch the bus to the coach to the plane to the subway to the train to a car - our next door neighbors are picking me up in Ipswich because the COG is working tomorrow.

I know it will be lovely to be home, but it's so hard to leave here. The thing that has happened this time is color - pretty much everything we had bought for the flat was white and fairly minimalist, apart from a couple of yelllow cushions and some curtains.  But over the time I've been here I've hung pictures (some of the COG's and some calendar prints that will end up being replaced (but they are nice in the meantime).  There are flowers on the mantel and in the kitchen and some pretty new tea towels, and we bought  2 lovely bird prints from a local artist and some pieces of blue green pottery (the COG hasn't seen these yet).  It's a nice feeling to have these pretty things around us and makes it all seem more homelike here.  Here are the prints. I'll need to get them framed next time - they aren't a standard size.

I have lots of things to post that I didn't get around to, and I promise to do it over the next week.   Here's the back room as of today. I primed the raw plaster walls, but left the spot on the ceiling over on the left. I wasn't sure it was dry because they only finished that part yesterday.  The plaster really is pink, just like the Farrow and Ball color 'Plaster Pink'.  We'll have to paint the room and the ceiling next time we are here.

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