Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home (Brighton)

The COG arrived this morning the same day as the Kemptown Village Festival. I saw them setting up when I walked to the bakery this morning. It starts just around the corner from our flat and continues for many blocks. We just went for a walk to see what was happening. There's a lot of musical groups - one on every street corner and many booths selling food of all ethnicities and quite a number of tchotchke booths - homemade and imported. Kind of like the FĂȘte de Musique, but with Morris Dancers and market stalls thrown in.

 Because I am short basically the outing was pushing through crowds of people holding bottles in their hands. I couldn't see anything because everyone was taller than me. Except the children, of which there were many. It's interesting to note that people tend to give kids space - the crowd parts a bit to give them room. They do not part willingly for adults. The COG took some pictures of the crowds.

 Then we came home. The late afternoon light is filtering into our sitting room and it feels like home. The music is still very loud, but I can deal with it. It's supposed to stop at 9.

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