Monday, April 16, 2012

Has this happened to you?

I had a stack of nice clean towels to put away.

But the linen closet was stuffed so full and was such a mess that there was no room. I had to pull out a few things to refold them.

Before long,  I had emptied the whole linen closet on the floor.  But why stop there -  why not include the linens in the trunk in my bedroom?

I pulled everything out of the trunk in my bedroom to discover that a lot of it had been discolored by the unpainted wood inside the trunk.  Searched the internet for cleaning suggestions and soaked and washed them. And, with all the stuff on the floor next to the linen closet, I took the time to paint three coats of paint in the trunk before putting anything back.

I started sorting. I made 3 stacks: 'discard', 'keep', and 'what the heck is it' - the latter being mostly white sheets of unknown size.

I went to Target to get the same boxes I always use when organizing anything and discovered that they don't carry them in white anymore - only deep purple, lime green, and black.  (?? what? who thought that was a good idea?) After some hunting, I found a similar kind of box at a different store.

So I refolded and sorted like with like,  in labelled plastic bags and then into the boxes by size (twin/double/queen).  I had a marathon session on the computer printing labels for everything.
I sorted towels by color and size and pruned a large number of unneeded towels and sheets. Which necessitated a trip to the vet, because they re-use old linens for bedding.

In the linen closet, I found a lovely piece of fabric - sheer cotton organdy with dragonflies painted on it - just big enough for the window in the bathroom.  I quickly stitched up the curtain - a panel with hems at top and bottom and found a tension rod to hang it with.

But then,  I discovered the window in the bathroom rather desperately needed painting- the inner frame only had a thin primer on it. So I put three coats on the window and the dormer around it, finishing yesterday, and today I hung the curtain after it dried.

It has taken 10 days or so to finally finish what I started when I went to put that stack of towels away. And I didn't even paint the inside of the linen closet, which I want to do but decided to defer.

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Vivi said...

I think I can safely say, that has never happened to me.