Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking down Christmas

I still have a few holiday decorations hanging around. Most especially the chandelier. I really dislike this chandelier and I have every intention of changing it fairly soon. But at this one time of the year, with gold ornaments on it and greenery, it looks so pretty.

We took the tree down after New Years, but we re-erected it in the yard by the bird feeders. I found some recipes online for bird food - variations of suet, peanut butter, and bird seed mixed together. Also some orange and apple slices dried in the oven and a few Apricot Balls that were past their prime. We bedecked the tree with those. Son of didn't think the birds would eat any of it, but we did it anyway. I think he was mostly right, but the birds love it anyway as a place to wait for their turn on the feeders.

And I still have some 'snowflakes' hanging at the window. They need to come down, but they are so pretty.


Vivi said...

I love the idea of putting the tree out for the birds! Around here, there was just a weekend when suddenly all the garbage cans had a tree next to them.

I suppose they made good temporary shelter for the bunnies.

I see you have as much snow as us. I can't believe I am jonesing for winter!

Andrew said...

I'm going to do this next year.... great idea, and easy to follow up on!