Friday, September 2, 2011

Sofa Update

Remember the sofa in our hallway when we arrived? It's still there. The COG and I think it's hilarious that we have to go over the sofa every time we go in or out of the flat. The poor women upstairs have been trying to get rid of it, but they've been thwarted at every turn. One person's van was too small to carry it etc. Today some guys showed up with a truck and then they couldn't take it because the Fire Tag is missing. You could see where it had been torn off, but the law is that they can't resell it without a fire tag.

This is one of those stupid bureaucratic rules that might sound good in theory, but make no sense. Instead of being able to be reused somewhere, the sofa is now bound for the dump. It's a good, very comfortable leather sofa that could have had many more years of use. Instead, they are having to pay £8 to have it carted away to the dump.

But here's the funniest part - they are taking it the day after we leave!

It's like having a parcourse in your front yard. Our hip flexors have never been in such good shape and we are seriously considering installing something in our front porch.


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