Sunday, November 28, 2010


On Thanksgiving morning we picked cranberries in a bog quite far off the beaten path. This involves walking a couple of miles in on the dunes - what looks like snow, here, is really sand. It was cold, but lovely. There is something so satisfying about picking wild berries.

The COG and Son of walking on the sand.
A glimpse of ocean and shore en route.

The picture below shows what a cranberry bog looks like.  It's the green area fringed with a touch of red. This is not the Top Secret Location, off the beaten path where we picked.  This one is right next to the path.

The COG 'picking' cranberries.  He probably thought I wouldn't notice his lovely new little camera.  I didn't really mind because he took some nice photos.

The Son of actually picking cranberries.

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