Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is this 'the blood-dimmed tide?'

Yesterday Son of and I heard a huge crash, ran to the source to discover that our dining table (handmade, solid cherry) had collapsed. There are two metal slides that hold things together -all eight screws on one side had come out, so it just fell apart.

Why? Apparently, because I had put my treasures on the dining room table during the renovation, and they were too heavy. Who knew? I keep telling myself that this is just nature's way of helping me let go of material objects. I'm grateful that a few important things survived, but....

But why didn't I send the little tiny china teapot with the pink roses on it to The Grandchild last week when I sent some other things?

Could this be the blood-dimmed tide, after all?

Or is this still in the category of 'the champagne has gone flat and we're out of caviar. Will our suffering never end?'


Vivi said...

Oh oh oh, I'm so sorry about the little teapot. And the other treasures.

It's more like a cosmic irony than a blood-dimmed tide, to have the one thing break be your table of treasures. Well, the two things break be your table of treasures and your finger.


peaceable_tate said...

I find something terribly disorienting about having your dining table collapse. That's just not supposed to happen. Floods, yes; fires, yes; hurricanes and tornadoes, yes. But the table--that's just wrong.

And the treasures that were on it...! Okay, I am still too much of the material world. I would grieve.