Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

Today I paid for a winter share at the CSA. We did this last year and the onions, potatoes, carrots beets, parsnips etc. lasted until the Spring. This year they have a Thanksgiving share, so I signed up for what I wanted. I signed up for a turkey (organic, local), some wild, organic cranberries, some local maple syrup, and a 'cheese' share, which will be cheese from a local maker who uses Appleton Farms milk. I didn't sign up for pies, although they sounded divine, but I can make pies from local stuff.

I"m excited to think of all this local food, but it's still hot out and I'm kind of reluctant to think about winter coming.

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The Cranky Old Geezer said...

We found a little company on Cape Ann who is distilling vodka, gin and rum.

Cape Ann has a long tradition of distilling rum with sugar cane/molasses brought from the West Indies, which ended with the revolution.

We had excellent Nantucket vodka this year.

Need to try local wines and brandy.

Next Sunday should go a vineyard tour.

Our local goat cheese is excellent too.

The UK is winning awards with cheese, white wine and apple brandy.