Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Pictures of Brighton

The famed Brighton Pavilion, built by the Prince Regent in the early 19th century and the place where (the fictional) Judith Taverner and Lord Worth both realize that the other one doesn't hate them as much as each had feared since their Big Scene in Crutchfield, in Georgette Heyer's, Regency Buck.

And the famed Brighton Pier.

And Spring flowers near the Pavilion.


peaceable_tate said...

Have you been in Brighton since you lived there? Was it 1974 when you left?

I have vague memories of Brighton--more like walks through space, but I've forgotten the buildings. I suppose it has been, OMG, 35 years!

The Bride said...

I have a vague memory that we came back once, but COG doesn't remember it, so maybe it was in a dream. That's what it feels like, anyway.