Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where are we going? I asked the COG...

'Where are we going,' I asked the COG, 'and why are we in this handbasket?'
He smiled mysteriously, which made me think. First, I thought optimistically that it's my birthday this weekend. But then I thought, more realistically, that this was the COG I was dealing with.

So when we ended up at the Motor Show at the Boston Convention Center, I was not surprised. The COG looked very hard at many cars. I remember that there was a white car, a yellow car, a green car and some other colors of car. And a Mini. My favorite car was gold and it had a cool ipod dock with a concealed bin with 2 places to plug things in and room to store all those power cords. It also had really great cup holders and there was a mirror on the driver's visor so you could apply lipstick in traffic without changing the rear view mirror. And 3 separate compartments in the roof where you could store sunglasses and the garage door opener and a gps unit. It was an awesome car clearly designed by a sensible person.

And, from a stand on the showroom floor, you could buy a glass of draft Guinness for $7, but, obviously, we didn't.

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The Cranky Old Geezer said...

The COG needs to clarify.

He & The Bride of will soon have to go through the painful experience (worse than a root canal) of buying a new car.

He took her to the Autoshow, even though he didn't want to go, because her selection criteria for a new car include

- position of iPod holder

- number and size of storage containers

- ability to see over the steering wheel.

Well known consumer web sites don't use these selection criteria, so he was forced to take her.