Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

French Kate has been watching movies. I have been watching YouTube. There are some great parodies of 300 out there. I've shared two of below, but the lego one and the cat one are funny, too.

In December we had record breaking snows - more snow than we had all last winter. Now Mother Nature is out to break the temperature records. Its cold, really cold.

But I must brave the elements and walk the dog. I could use a little Spartan peptalk about now.

Spartaaaaans! Tonight we walk in hell.......


David Briggs said...

Maybe we walk in a Cold Hell tonight, but later we can warm by up the fires of the furnace.

Very good parody's, I'm glad you shared them with us. I especially like the credits in 300 Apples.

Mister Cellophane

peaceable_tate said...

A fun way to spend your Christmas season. My favorite is still the "It's raining men" 300 spoof.